Is Android 15 Released?

Not Yet

An official release of Android 15 stable version will happen in Q3 2024

Internal code name is: Upside Down Cake

Meet Android 15

  • Bring back lock screen widgets
  • Give us stacked widgets
  • Bring back dedicated Wi-Fi and mobile network toggles
  • Make third-party launchers smooth again
  • Help developers make gesture navigation prettier in apps
  • Bring back custom icon shapes and fonts to the Pixel


You can check which version of Android you are using by going to
Settings > About Phone > Android Version
. This will display the version number of the Android OS your device is running.

About Android

Android is an operating system that was developed by Google, mostly with the intention of it being used in touchscreens and mobile devices, a vision which is very much accomplished nowadays, with over 120 million users of the operating system in the United States alone. Android is based on a Linux kernel, and as such it can run on devices other than only mobile phones but also has the capacity to work on TVs, digital cameras, and other devices that might require an operating system to handle applications and different forms of user input handling. Of course, not all apps will transition from a Samsung phone to a smart TV, although theoretically, the adjustments should be relatively easier to implement.

Android has its main use on smartphones, with an exorbitant amount of market share over iOS and Windows Phone. This may be partially due to the fact that android phones are extremely different and varied in their price points, going from a very entry-level phone that a brand like Motorola or Huawei can bring, up to the flagship Samsung models that often compete if not dominate Apple in quality and cutting-edge technology. This means that multiple social and economic sectors of the worldwide populations are covered by Android, leading to more massive adoption. Android is also the reason why Android Studio exists, a developing ecosystem where apps for the phones can be developed.

The most recent Android devices can do a lot of things starting from the more basic models, and these features are made possible by the characteristics implemented by the operating system. First, some machine learning implementation learns the way you write and reply and automatically suggests ways for you to respond to the text with one simple tap. The operating system is also very good at processing user input beside taps, meaning that biometrical locks and gestures are easily implemented when supported by the input devices (the phone itself). Sharing Wi-Fi amongst Android users is extremely simple, with advanced connectivity, along with a ton of other more features that are made interesting and relevant in the ways that mobile phone companies and app developers try to exploit them.


Android is currently on version 11, released on September 8 of 2020, while version 12 was announced in February 2021, without a clear date of definite release to the public. It will include useful features such as immersive mode gestures and easy 5G sharing.